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Why is my chalk paint cracking?

If your surface isn’t prepared correctly the paint will have problems adhering to your surface. Check you have degreased your surface well and scuffed/sanded if necessary.
Your paint will also crack if it is applied to thickly. If your paint has thickened too much to get a nice thin smooth layer, you can always add some water to thin it down.(Please be aware you can’t add water to silk mineral paint!) 
Also pay attention to the temperature you are working in. Chalk mineral paint dries very quickly. A too hot working temperature isn’t suitable to be working in so ensure you keep your environment at below 85 degrees F.

How do I fix cracked paint?

The cracked paint will need to be sanded down and corrected.

Help, I'm experiencing bleed through!

Bleed through is caused by tannins and oils in the wood or furniture. Wood, especially fresh wood, contains oils and tannins. If you apply chalk paint over such wood, the tannins and oils will bleed through the chalk paint. When this happens, you’ll notice brown or stained patches on the chalk paint.
A bleed through can also be caused by a stained material. If the surface that you applied the chalk paint on is stained or affected by grease and filth, these stains can easily bleed through the chalk paint causing stains.

How do I fix bleed through?

To prevent bleed through give a coat of Dixie Belle Boss and leave for 24 hrs. This will stop any stains bleeding through to your paint layer.
Don’t forget Dixie Belle Silk range has a built in stain blocker if you are working with a piece that could potentially bleed through.
Leave your first coat 24hr before applying your second coat to activate the stain blocker.

What are VOCs?

VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) are chemicals that can be released into the air as paint cures. Dixie Belle paint is completely VOC-free.

Do I have to sand before painting?

The quick answer is NO. However, it’s not quite that simple. The awesome thing about Dixie Belle Chalk Mineral Paint, is that you don’t have to sand (or strip or prime) before painting. However, you do need to, at a minimum, clean your piece well. This is especially important for cabinets.

I do recommend sanding any surfaces that have peeling or chipping paint. You don’t have to sand all the way through to the underlying surface, but sand to at least smooth.

I don’t think my piece is wood, can I still paint it if it’s laminate?

The answer is is YES! Make sure to prepare your piece well. Using sugar soap to degrease and then use Dixie Belle Slick Stick before your paint as this will give your surface a bonding surface for your paint to adhere to.

Can I use Slick Stick on glass?

Yes slick stick is a perfect problem solver for any shiney smooth surface. Using slick stick will allow you to paint on glass, metal and laminate.

Can I use Dixie Belle Paints in my bathroom or kitchen?

Yes definitely! I have seen and done some fantastic kitchen and bathroom facelifts with Dixie Belle.
Important facts to remember:

  • Prep well and according to your surface 
  • Use a water proof sealer such as Gatorhide so you can maintain a nice clean surface 

Is there a trick to applying a top coat?

When applying any of Dixie Belles Top Coats I have found the best way to apply is with a dampened cloth. A very thin layer going in one direction not back and forth. After an hour it should be dry for you to add a second coat.

Does Dixie Belle Paint have to be sealed?

No, once Dixie Belle Paint has cured, after 30 days, it is durable just the way it is. You can paint and be done with it if you like the look.

Should I use Easy Peasy Spray Wax before or after Clear Coat?

Both of these products are water-based and are interchangeable. You can use one or both but it is not necessary to use both.

Can you paint leather or fabric?

Yes, Dixie Belle Paint is perfect for both fabrics. Just lightly mist your furniture with water. (Do not over-saturate), and then paint like normal. You might have to do a second coat. When dry sand with 220 grit sanding sponge and your fabric will feel like leather.

Can I use Dixie belle Chalk Paint and Silk Paint outside?

Yes!!! Brighten up your bistro set or add a splash of colour to your plant pots. Dixie Belle Paints is just as durable to the weather elements as it is indoors.
Follow your correct prep and seal if required, and there you have, it a brand new looking table and chairs!

What is the difference between Dixie Belle Chalk Mineral Paint and the Silk Paint?

Is a high quality water-based chalk mineral type paint that available in over 60 colors and leaves a flat finish, although not too chalky compared to other chalk style paints.
You can add water to find the best consistency for your needs.
Although it does not require a topcoat or wax, it is best to protect your finish with either poly topcoat hemp oil or wax.
This is not a chalk based paint, it’s just a mineral paint.
Silk Mineral Paint dries with an eggshell type of finish and has a very smooth silkily feel and is self levelling with a built in stain blocker.
Must be applied with a dry brush and no water can be added.

What do I do if I have added to much water to my paint ? 

Don’t panic! Just leave the lid off the pot for a while and the paint will thicken again.